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Aurelia Gloves | A Division of Supermax Inc

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Product code: 1144

Product code: 1122

  • PurCottonTM is our star product, we were the first company to introduce a nonwoven biodegradable sponge to the Canadian market
  • Softness reinvents itself with this product!
  • 100% natural cotton (16 mesh) grown in the USA 
  • Lint-free
  • No toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process! 
  • Abrasion-resistant 
  • Hypoallergenic and autoclavable 
  • Lowest bioburden levels 
  • Fast landfill decomposition 
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The Aurelia brand is present
in over 145 countries worldwide,
in the regions of America, Europe,
Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific.

Aurelia is one of the most appreciated brands in Canada!