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06 16 2017

Your health is in your hands

Every day millions of healthcare, and industry workers are exposed to environmental, biological and chemical hazards. Your PPE (personal protective equipment) choices matter, not only to protect you on the outside – but equally important to protect on the inside – YOUR SKIN

Skin is our largest organ, it protects you, and it is our first line of defense when it is healthy. Looking at hand health to boost these capabilities we need to choose products that will reduce the allergen potential and keep you and your hands healthy. Sourcing quality, cleaner processed products is key in prevention.

The recent FDA ban on powdered gloves has put a spotlight on just how important your glove choices are for your personal health. Industry standards and guidelines are continually changing.  By choosing Supermax Healthcare’s Aurelia glove line, you can trust you will be at the forefront of exceptional quality products. Aurelia gloves are manufactured to the highest quality levels, and must meet rigorous industry testing standards. This ensures a cleaner SAFER product. Reducing the potential for allergic reactions in the wearer.


Occupationally related dermatitis, related to glove use is increasingly more common in the healthcare industry. Dermatitis can become a financial burden for both employee and employer, and is responsible for 50% of all illnesses that result in loss of work in the healthcare industry. Cases can range from mild to severe and are often difficult to treat once you have become sensitized. Allergic contact dermatitis is the most prevalent ailment among healthcare workers, and is directly related to the chemicals used in the production process of disposable gloves. Knowing what is in your gloves is more important than ever to maintain healthy intact skin.

Whats in your glove?

Glove selection can be overwhelming due to the availability of differing formulations on the market today. The chemical composition of gloves is variable, even for similar products and this affects glove integrity, chemical resistance and allergen potential. Chemicals commonly used in glove production will leach from the glove and penetrate the skin, this triggers the formation of T cells causing varying forms of dermatitis.

Common chemicals may include: Silicates, Thiurams, Zinc, Sulfur, Clays, Thiazoles (accelerators) which can lead to allergic reactions from moderate to severe.

keeping your hands healthy – not all gloves are created equal

Being a global leader Aurelia gloves exceed all ASTM (American Society for Testing and materials) and AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) industry standards. We never compromise on quality and continuously strive to produce the best products on the market.

Steps for self-care to healthy hands

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water between glove use *alcohol based hand rubs are not sufficient to remove latex particles from gloves
  • Avoid gloves with excess fillers and accelerators
  • Avoid Latex gloves if you have become sensitized
  • Pat your hands dry after washing– do not rub as this irritates the skin
  • Wear powder free gloves
  • Use and emollient cream in the evening prior to bed
  • Immerse your hands in an Oatmeal bath (as frequently as needed)

What you should ask when choosing a glove?

  • How is the glove cleaned?
  • Are there fillers?
  • Are accelerators present?
  • What is the AQL level?
  • What ASTM standard do the gloves adhere to?

Making informed choices when it comes to your PPE is your first step in keeping yourself safe and maintaining good health.


03 23 2017


SUPERMAX CANADA has been involved in a cause that is close to the heart for four years now. Instead of disposing of boxes damaged by transportation, our company takes advantage of this opportunity to pay forward. What is more rewarding than spreading mutual aid in the community? This question remains at the heart of the company’s core values ​​for the simple reason that our team is responsive to the needs of others. We see that many organizations and citizens have material needs that companies divest without taking into account their reality! Being the leader in medical and dental gloves known as Aurelia, we are allowing several organizations to leverage our expertise to ensure workplace safety and security.


It is often said that a dog is the best friend of men without necessarily elaborating the why. For SUPERMAX, animals are a sign of fidelity, discipline and comfort. Moreover, the majority of our team owns a pet. It is so common to discuss or share photos of these furry life companions that we feel they literally are part of our everyday at the office. Following this awareness, we decided to contribute, in our way, to their well-being.

In 2013, SUPERMAX began providing gloves of all kinds to non-profit organizations such as the SPCA and A.M.R. Since that day, as soon as we receive damaged boxes or crates of gloves, we make sure that they will benefit an organization that is close to our hearts. In addition to giving a second life to these boxes of gloves, we limit the waste and losses that these damaged products cause. This small gesture can make the difference for all!


09 02 2016

Supermax expands its product offering.

Supermax Healthcare Canada is growing! As a matter of fact, in 2015, we broke records on all fronts. Four new gloves have joined the Aurelia family – Zero, Sonic, Robust Plus and Nitrile High Newton . As a result of this growth, we even moved to a bigger office space!

In order to continue provide even better service to our Canadian clients, we have decided to develop further medical and dental products under the Aurelia brand. Among the developed products, you will find  the sterilization pouches and  Natür   surgical masks.  The offer is already available.  Order your samples!


08 12 2016

We have moved!

We are pleased to announce that our offices are now located in Longueuil.  This change is for two reasons — First, our team has outgrown its current office space.  Second, we’ve made it our goal to combine our business operations all under one roof. Indeed, the warehouse is nearby.

Here is the new address:
766 Bériault Street, Unit B
Longueuil QC J4G 1R8

Note that our telephone numbers will remain the same.

If you have questions, please contact Heather Blair, Office Manager, at 450 926-2828 or by email at hblair@supermaxcanada.com.

02 08 2016

Learn more about our gloves in this edition of Stocks Around Us!

Have a look at this video specially created to better show you what we do.  Visit one of our manufactories  with  Dato’ Seri Stanley Thai, the company’s  Founder and Executive Chairman.


04 28 2015

VWR Canadian National Sales Meeting: June 8-12

We will  participate in  the  VWR Canadian Sales Meeting and Vendor Fairs to be held at Niagara Falls where we will showcase our most popular products.  

Key Highlights of the Week:

June 8th  
  Supplier Show (Group A) for VWR Sales Team
  Supplier Welcome Dinner – Niagara Winery

 June 9th
  Supplier Show (Group B) for VWR Sales Team

June 10th – 12th
  Toronto Customer Shows – Location TBD

June 11th
Customer Appreciation and Dinner Event

04 28 2015

We will participate in the VWR Quebec Show Week

Mark your agendas to join us September 22nd to 25th 2015. We plan to have 4 large shows. We will have our first one  in Quebec City on the 22nd   and will follow it up with 3 shows in Montreal the 23rd, 24th  and 25th.  More details will come closer to the  specified dates.

04 27 2015

Upcoming events

Here are the events that we’ll attend and where you could try our new products, including the glove BLUSH with a special formulation inside:
ODA: 7-9 May; Booth # 331
JIDQ: 25-26, May; Booth # 400A

04 27 2015

Welcome to our new website!

We hope you’ll find it user-friendly and intuitive. We have worked hard to showcase our products in the best possible way. Enjoy your visit! 


The Aurelia brand is present
in over 145 countries worldwide,
in the regions of America, Europe,
Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific.

Aurelia is one of the most appreciated brands in Canada!